The FIFTH ELEMENT TALENT AGENCY has been created from the love of art, cinema, film and the sensitivity shared to us by actors. We support the artists talent, passion and willingness to act in front of the audience.

Our management services include: representation at the audio-visual market, image creation, PR cooperation as well as career path planning and strategy. One of our priorities are the popular social media platforms of importance in the modern world.

The mission of the FIFTH ELEMENT TALENT AGENCY is to diligently guide and thoroughly support our clients in the selection of their professional projects and due to that we choose to cooperate with only a small group of actors.

Marcin Cieslak CEO / Agent

I see the acting profession as art. Every actor is bound to focus on their lines, creation, choice of roles and participation in a variety of art projects. The volatile element that actors weave into our reality is the reason the whole world loves cinema and THAT is the real mission of all actors. To make our life more beautiful. To feed their sensitivity and expand their abilities. 

I am a devoted fan of cinema, theatre and audiovisual arts as well as literature. My career path has always led me through places connected with art professions, which enabled me to discover the hidden backstage of this world, get familiar with its rules and get to know the people creating it.

For many years I have been cooperating with the biggest American cinema films distibutor.

I have gained my experience in PR and Publicity in the very heart of the film world – Los Angeles as well as locally, on the Polish market in cooperation with independent distributors.

In my private and professional life I follow a Walt Disney’s rule – “First, think. Second, dream. Third, believe. And finally, dare.”